Pressure Cooker | OPOS® Dry Apricot Halwa
Recipe type: Halwa
Cuisine: Indian
  • Dry Apricot - 20, roughly chopped
  • Water - 1 cup
  • Sugar - 2 tbsp (I used Demerara sugar)
  • Cardamom pod - 4, crushed
  1. Add all the mentioned ingredients into a 2 liter preside cooker
  2. Mix well. Cook for 13 whistles on medium flame
  3. Release pressure immediately. Mash the mixture with a spoon. Serve it with nuts/ condensed milk/heavy cream
1. I have roughly chopped apricots but it is optional
2. I used sugar-free dry apricot if you are using apricot with sugar adjust he sweetness
3. I have used Demerara sugar. Regular sugar|brown sugar | jaggery can be used
4. Cardamom powder can be used instead of cardamom pods
5. Ghee can be added for extra richness
6. Nuts like almonds, walnut, pistachio etc. can be added
7. Condensed milk can be added towards the end for richness
8. Color of the halwa depends on the apricot color
9. Dry apricot I used was soft if the apricot you use is very hard cook one whistle extra
10.Use a proper 2 little cooker which whistles on/all time. Keep the flame on medium heat
11.Preferably use 2 liter cooker. If your are using 3 liter cooker make sure quantity is at-least ┬╝ of the cooker to avoid cooker from getting burnt
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