Vendaya Millet Dosai | Vendhaya Millet Dosa | Fenugreek Millet Dosai
Vendaya Dosa is a South Indian breakfast. Fenugreek (vendayam) gives soft texture for the dosai. Usually Idli rice is used for the preparation here is a version with millets.
Recipe type: Dosai
Cuisine: Indian
  • Kuthiraivali | Barnyard millet - ¾
  • Idli rice - ¼
  • Fenugreeek - 1 tbsp
  • Salt - as needed
  • Urad dal - 1 tbsp
  1. In a colander add all the ingredients given except salt and rinse well. Soak it for at least 3 hours
  2. In mixie take small portion of the mixture add little water and grind the batter. Repeat the process and add salt to the last batch and grind
  3. Mix the batter well. The batter should be slightly thinner than Idli batter. Allow the batter to ferment overnight or atleast 7-8 hours
  4. Mix the batter well and add water if required
  5. Heat a dosa pan on low - medium heat and once the pan is hot, grease it with few drops of oil. Ladle the batter and pour it onto the hot griddle. Need not spread the batter like regular dosa. Spread it gently if necessary. Lot of holes will start coming in the dosa. Flip the dosa after the other side is cooked and cook for another 20 seconds
  6. Serve hot with Dosai podi/chutney
1.Fenugreek Dosai cooks fast compared to regular Dosai
2.Dosai can be covered with lid and cooked without flipping other side
Flipping the Dosai is optional
3.Vendaya Dosai with be super soft compared to regular Dosai. If it is hard add little extra water. Batter should be thinner than Idli batter
4.I turn on my oven light and ferment the batter overnight. If the batter is not fermented properly Dosai might be hard
5.Any millets can be used. Idli rice can used fully instead of millet
6.Rinse the millet properly
7.Excessive fenugreek may result in butter Dosai
8.I used mixie, grinder can also be used
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