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Filter Coffee | Filter kaapi | Kumbakonum degree cofee

Filter coffee is prepared by adding freshly brewed strong coffee decoction with boiled frothy milk. Powdered coffee bean is used to make this South Indian beverage. I have used coffee powder without chicory. Yes 100% coffee. Without chicory strong perfect brown coffee.
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Course: Beverages
Cuisine: Indian
Author: Vidya Srinivasan


  • Coffee powder 3 tbsp I used my small filter. This may change depending on the filter you use
  • Water- fill the filter. If you prefer second decoction boil water again and add
  • Milk - as needed
  • Sugar - if required


  • Place the perforated hole vessel over the other one
  • Don’t press the top layer too hard else powder will come down when you try to removed the top layer
  • Add coffee powder to the perforated vessel perforated holes. I roughly gave the amount based on my filter. Add powder based on your filter quantity. Never add coffee powder more than 1/2 of filter quantity
  • Add powder and gently spread. Avoid over pressing. Make sure the powder is well spread and perforated holes in the stainless filter is not getting exposed
  • If you are using pressing disk keep it but don’t press hard
  • Gently Add little by little water around the the filter
  • Close the filter with lid. Need not close the lid fully otherwise the filter might get disturbed while trying to open
  • Gradually slowly pour boiling water. Let the top vessel be almost full
  • Cover with the lid and keep the coffee filter undisturbed for atleast 15 minutes
  • After 15 minutes gently open the lid and top vessel. Thick decoction would have collected at the bottom of vessel
  • Frothy decoction gives a strong coffee.Pour the decoction into a tumblr and pour it back to the filter. Repeat 2/3 times for frothy decoction. Strong decoction is ready
  • Take the desired quantity add the hot boiled milk and sugar if needed.
  • Mix well with davarqh or another glass. Repeat 2/3 times for frothy coffee


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  1. Use a clean coffee filter. Make sure the filter pores doesn’t have any coffee powder traces from previous brewing
  2. Make sure coffee filter dried properly before brewing
  3. Always add max of 1/3 quantity of coffee powder in proportionate to your coffee filter
  4. If you want to make large quantity of decoction but have small coffee filter never add excess coffee powder to the filter. Make decoction in batches
  5. Always use hot boiling water. I use kettle auto shut/cut off water and it works a like a charm
  6. Always addd water along the sides without pouring water at one shot
  7. Never press forcefully after adding the coffee powder to the filter
  8.  Avoid disturbing or shaking the coffee filter for quick brewing
  9. stainless filter is going to be extremely hot after adding water. Keep it untouched for atleast 15 minutes (brewing time)
  10. Avoid stirring water and coffee powder in the perforated hole portion
  11. Pressing disk is optional I never use it still my coffee comes good. If you are a beginner I would recommend you to use that
  12. Press the pressing disk gently and pour the water gently over it
  13. Always boil the separately and add decoction to hot milk. Avoid boiling milk and decoction together
  14. Davara tumblr coffee is personal preference but coffee is coffee in any cup
  15. Mix the decoction 2-3 times till you see frothy decoction. Frothy decoction with froth milk = perfect strong coffee
  16. For pure coffee powder 3rd decoction will turn so watery. Little decoction can be made
  17. If  you are using coffee powder with chicory use preferably use 90-10 or 80-20 (coffee powder-chicory) ratio as chicory is not good for health
  18. Coffee decoction stays good for 2-3 days in fridge
  19. If the coffee powder you have is not fine grind it in mixie 2/3 times. Fine coffee powder is always preferable
  20. Avoid mixing instant coffee powder while brewing the decoction
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