Double Chocolate Chip Cookies | Brownie cookies

IMG_5648Before getting into the recipe, I have a big confession to all my close friends and immediate family, “I baked chocolate cookies”. Well there is a reason to start this way, people who know me can tell how much I hate chocolate. For me definition for chocolate is “White Chocolate”. I used to tell I will get headache if I eat semi-sweet /dark chocolate. Now I think am I crazy. During our trip to California my Bro-in-law took us to Ghirardelli factory, even there I didn’t have anything chocolate-y.

They say things change after becoming a Mother. I have argued with my mom for many days not to sacrifice things for me and my sister but now I am on other side of the coin.

“Kisses” is his favorite chocolate. After seeing the way he likes chocolate I wanted to bake something for him. I was seeing Giada’s show and her double chocolate chip cookies recipe attracted me. I noted down the  recipe and tried that weekend.  Whenever I make something for my son I taste it many times to make sure its good. I tasted the batter, then cookies, my hubby was surprised to see me eating Chocolates:-) Now a days I started preparing brownies, cookies, choco cake and other chocolate based recipes. I have to thank my son for making me eat chocolate:-)

With brownie like texture these melt-in-mouth cookies made me like chocolates. If you like chocolate this is the cookie for you:-)


Set Dosa | Aval Dosa | Poha Dosa


My hubby loves Dosai, even if I give dosa for all three meals a day, he will happy.  One day when I was telling this to my friend, she asked me have you tried “At(t)ukula Dosa” , I said no as I was not familiar with that term. She gave me the recipe,  while hearing I understood its Aval dosai. I remember my Amma’s Aval dosai and called her. She told me a version without curd. I combined both ways and started preparing dosai. This dosa is slightly thicker than regular dosa. Soft and spongy,  smaller than regular dosai. Because of its size its usually served 2/3 etc. And hence set dosai:-)

This is my first fermented dosa post. Previously I have posted Bread Uthappam


Mac and Cheese


I love Pasta, but for many years whenever I go to restaurants I always order White Sauce Pasta and that is the first pasta I ever tried preparing at home. My hubby then introduced me to Red sauce and Pesto Pasta.  After moving to US I hear a lot about Mac and Cheese.

Being a big fan of white sauce, I usually prepare Macaroni with it and add cheese towards the end; call it “Mac and Cheese”. It tastes great but I recently came across Ree Drummond’s (Pioneer women) version of Mac and cheese. My son is a fussy eater, making him eat food is my life’s biggest challenge, so I always looks for filling meal (stomach and taste buds). This Version with heavy cream pulled my attention.

Certain dishes steal the show while preparing and this is one such food. I prepared the sauce and gave him for tasting, he tasted and opened this mouth for second serve, happy mom :-) Now I know why all kids go crazy for Mac and Cheese, well the truth is even we can’t stop eating it. Once in a while it’s ok to have such Guilty pleasures.

If you have few uncooked /cooked macroni and thinking to cook something other than pasta try


UrulaiKizhangu Puli Thokku | Potato Tamrind Curry



This post is very special for me. My Amma’s neighbour prepared this, and noted down the recipe and took pictures in my phone when Aunty did it. I love Aunty’s cooking, ever since my childhood days whenever Aunty cooks my favorite recipes she always send a box over.  If my Amma travels, she won’t allow me to cook. I have mentioned about Aunty in many of my posts.

Last summer I visited India and took a great vacation without even entering the kitchen, both Amma’s didn’t allow me to cook:-)  Almost daily Aunty cooks something and bringd it during one course of the meal. Every now and then she comes and asks me what I want to eat. I thought of clicking all the yummy food she prepares for me, but I couldn’t, so I noted down many recipes.

With potato she makes this Thokku and potato puttu other than Potato fry and potato podi Curry. Today I prepared Potato puli curry and I realised still I didn’t post Aunty’s recipe. Here it is :-) Its not only a side but tastes great with plain rice.  Infact my favorite way to eat is after transfering the potato into serving plate, add some cooked rice to the pan mix well and eat, heaven is the word:-)


Pecan Banana Muffins (Eggless & Whole Wheat)


As I have mentioned  before I always find it very difficult to give fruits to my son. Since he has a sweet tooth like me, I look for for recipes with sugar.  These Banana Muffins are very special to me as this is the first Muffin he tasted.

When he was 15 months old, I wanted to give him something different. He loves Banana Bread, so I was looking for recipes with Banana and came across this Banana Muffin recipe.  I did few changes and started following this recipe regularly.

Two weeks back my friend asked me to help with making Banana Muffin. I tried this in her home, her 2 year old son loved it. Yesterday she called me and asked me for the recipe, here it is :-)


Vendakkai Mor Kuzhambu | Ladies Finger ( Butter Milk/ Yogurt) Kulambu


Mor Kuzhambu is one of my favorite rice accompaniments, as it won’t take much cooking time. I have tried buying many brands of dal, but all requires some soaking for proper cooking. If I forgot to soak dal/Tamrind, I see if I have extra curd in fridge, and my saver Mor Kuzhambu flashes in my mind. Even without any veggies Mor Kuzhambu tastes great. Mor Kuzhambu gets a special place in our custom wedding meal

Tastes great with Potato fry/Arbi Fry/Vazhakkai Varuval/paruppu usili.


Butter Crackers (Whole Wheat)


 Giving healthy snacks for kids is every mom’s biggest concern, well at times more than helathy, there is one big question, whether they will eat it. The one which worked yesterday may not work today. Everyday its experimenting. Ever since my son started solid food, the topic about kids food will always come whenever I talk to my friends.

Couple of months go I was talking to my friend Malar, whenever we talk it will be atleast for an hour and on that Blogging topic will be for less than 5 minutes. One such day I told trying some snacks  for LO and she suggested Whole wheat Crackers. I checked her recipe and did few changes. It was a success at home, and called her to tell that it turned good and I will post soon. Well she knows my ” soon” 😉


Chow Chow Thol Thogayal|Chow Chow Peel Chutney| Chayote Skin Chutney


Grandmother’s traditional recipes are always the best, and this is one perfect example.  Chow chow is a versatile vegetable which gets a place in many recipes like Kootu, Moor Kuzhambu, sambar, Aviyal, Bisi Bele Bath etc. Whenever Amma prepares Chow chow thogayal, I used to think that it is also prepared with the vegetable.

One day when I accidently passed kitchen (oh ya I seldom cook when mom was around) I saw Amma sauting Chow chow peel. I told her by mistake you are cooking peel and she said that’s how thogayal is prepared.

After I started cooking whenever I buy Chow chow, cook thogayal with its peel.


Broccoli Stir Fry | Stir – Fried Broccoli


Last year during Christmas holidays we went to California to meet my bro-in-law family. My co-sis  is an amazing cook, and I have learnt a lot of recipes from her. She and her sisters write a food blog “The sisterhood pact“.  She got me “Good Food Made Simple – Vegetarian” book.   As the name suggests the recipes in the book are easy and I have been trying a lot from the book these days.

This Broccoli stir fry is the first dish I tried.  Usually I buy Broccoli and prepare the side in Indian Style or do Broccoli soup. This variation with soy sauce is something new to me. Now a days when ever I buy broccoli my husband is asking for this.

As always lazy me kept postponing the post.  Today Got Broccoli from grocery stores and thought its time to post the recipe and I can refer the blog nexttime :-)


Baigan Bharta |Bhaigan Barta | Eggplant Curry


I am one among the few at home who loves brinjal. Atleast once in two weeks my grocery cart will have it.  When I was a kid, every time I go to restaurants, I see baigan bharta in the menu card and always wonder what it is. When I was in college one of my friends ordered this, after tasting the dish I know its brinjal. Brinjal taste reminded me of “Sutta kathrikai”. Later I came to know its also prepared in the same way. As I love that flavour I started cooking it at home.

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